Blood crossmatch determines incompatibilities between donor blood and recipient blood.  Crossmatch is performed in addition to blood typing, and is recommended prior to any transfusion.  It is of critical importance in any species containing naturally occurring antibodies to foreign blood group antigens, such as cats.


Major Crossmatch examines recipient plasma or serum for the possible presence of antibodies to donor red blood cell antigens.  These antibodies, if present, can cause a major, life-threatening transfusion reaction in an incompatible recipient.

Minor Crossmatch examines donor plasma or serum for the possible presence of antibodies to recipient red blood cells.  Though unlikely to cause a significant transfusion reaction as donor plasma is diluted substantially in the transfused recipient, this crossmatch could be important when transfusing small patients.

For use with canine or feline species.

Kits contain: Individual test stands containing color-coded microtubes, gel tubes and blue top blood prep tubes containing diluent; pipettes; package insert; procedure guide; interpretation card; report cards.

Storage: Room temperature

Shelf Life: 24 months

Available As: 3 test Major kit
3 test Minor kit

(Cat# HCMAJ03)
(Cat# HCMIN03)


RapidVet-H Major Crossmatch Package Insert

RapidVet-H Major Crossmatch Procedure Card

RapidVet-H Minor Crossmatch Package Insert

RapidVet-H Minor Crossmatch Procedure Card

Photo Identifier for Crossmatch Tests

Centrifuge List for Crossmatch Tests