RapidVet®-M uses a specific chromogenic substrate in a sterile solidified culture medium for the detection of Malassezia yeasts. The chromogenic substrate reacts with specific yeast enzymes causing growth of rounded pink, dark pink or violet colonies to form.  Malassezia colonies generally begin to grow within 48 hours from inoculation.

The chromogenic staining allows results to be clearly and visually interpreted without the use of a microscope.

Test for Veterinary Malassezia



Kits contain: Glass tubes containing RapidVet-M chromogenic substrate. 
Tube labels.

Refrigerated (36-45°F / 2-7°C). Keep in the dark.
Freezing and/or overheating must be avoided.
Shelf Life: 12 months refrigerated.

Available as: 5-test kit or 10-test kit

  Cats and Dogs (Cat# RVM05, 5 Tests)
(Cat# RVM10, 10 Tests)


Rapid testing, rapid results and rapid response. It's all about the value of time.

RapidVet-M Malassezia Package Insert