RapidVet-D is not a fungal growth media, even though it looks like one. It is a diagnostic test for dermatophytes in dogs, cats, rabbits and horses, employing 1990's technology that relies solely on a color change, or lack thereof, within 24-96 hours. What's different about RapidVet-D? Everything, including the nutrients and antibiotics in the reaction substrate ... even the inner coating of the glass vial!  Why? For faster results.

What is the value of RapidVet-D over other available products?

RapidVet-D products were designed specifically for in-office use by veterinarians to detect only those dermatophytes that affect dogs, cats and rabbits, or horses.

RapidVet-D was developed in response to veterinarians telling us what they wanted.  

In addition to an overall accuracy of 97.8%, with a small number of false positive and false negative results,

        • Veterinarians wanted a product that does not require microscopic examination of fungal growths, and

        • A product that provides an answer, whether positive or negative, within 4 days.
No more waiting up to 14 days and examining cultures to achieve absolute certainty.

The veterinarians surveyed saw two major advantages to such a diagnostic test:

        • Treatment can be initiated much more quickly in response to a positive result.

        • In the case of a negative result, other tests (such as for allergy, etc.) can be ordered and
          the real problem identified more quickly.

Rapid testing, rapid results and rapid response. It's all about the value of time.

RapidVet-D Tests

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