In-Office Diagnostic Test Kits


In-office tests for rapid determination of Canine DEA 1 and feline A, B or AB blood types.

DMS introduced RapidVet-H agglutination test cards in the first commercially available in-office blood typing kits.

Also available are: RapidVet®-H IC Feline, a unique, half-moon shaped device that uses immuno-chromatographic (lateral flow) methodology; and, currently available outside North America, the QuickVet®/RapidVet® Canine DEA 1.1 test, the first cartridge test for use in an automated system.

The products require no refrigeration and have a shelf life of up to 24 months.

Additional canine and feline typing products based on these and other test methodologies are currently under development.

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In-office crossmatch test kits (both major and minor) for use in transfusion medicine on either canine or feline patients.

Done in addition to blood typing, the tests are simple to use, quick to run and easy to interpret. Utilizing gel tube technology, these tests organize, standardize and simplify the traditional crossmatch procedure.

Shelf life of up to 24 months and require no refrigeration.

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In-office tests for use on dogs, cats, rabbits and horses as part of the veterinarian's differential diagnosis of their dermatological condition. 

These products employ proprietary formulations designed for the detection of only those fungi that cause clinical complications in the noted animal species.

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