RapidVet®-H (Canine DEA 1) Blood Typing
Agglutination Test Cards

RapidVet-H (Canine DEA 1) assay is based on the agglutination reaction that occurs when an erythrocyte which contains a DEA 1.1 antigen on its surface membrane interacts with a murine monoclonal antibody proven specific to DEA 1.1 which is lyophilized on the Test Card. The monoclonal antibody is reconstituted with a diluent to form an antiserum, and is thoroughly mixed with whole blood from the patient.  All DEA 1.1 positive erythrocytes react with the antiserum causing agglutination.  The antiserum is completely nonreactive with all DEA 1.1 negative erythrocytes.  The results are visually identified.

A certain number of canine patients exhibit auto-agglutination of varying degrees due to serum factors that cause agglutination of the patient's own red cells. If a patient exhibits this under test conditions, it will not be possible to definitively type this patient without separating the serum and serially washing the remaining red cells before performing the test.  RapidVet-H (Canine DEA 1) provides a well for use to screen for such patients.

RapidVet®-H Canine DEA 1 agglutination cards contain lyophilized antibodies. Use patient whole blood. Results are obtained in approximately 2 minutes and are visually interpreted. Kits include all components necessary to perform the test.

For use with canine species

Kits contain: Test cards in sealed plastic bag, pipettes and stirrers.                 Dropper bottle with diluent.

Storage: Room temperature

Shelf Life: 24 months

Available As: 2-test kits
5-test kits
20-test kits
(Cat# HC202)
(Cat# HC205)
(Cat# HC220)

RapidVet-H Canine Package Insert

RapidVet-H Canine Interpretation Guide

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