About Us

DMS Laboratories, Inc. was formed to develop and acquire niche products that meet completely unaddressed needs in veterinary medicine.   In the field of hematology – and specifically transfusion medicine -  rapid and simple means for blood typing dogs and cats and performing crossmatch did not exist.  In dermatology, fresh thinking was required, for example, in the development of differential testing for dermatophytosis, because the rationale for standard methodologies had not been critically reexamined for decades.  The resulting products are, in fact, rapid – thus the registered trademark ‘RapidVet’ – and are, in fact, ‘in-office’ tests.

The hematology products developed with these needs in mind include RapidVet®-H Canine DEA 1 and RapidVet®-H Feline agglutination typing cards, the first such tests commercially available for in-office use and which are still widely used, and RapidVet®-H Crossmatch gel tube tests for performing Major or Minor crossmatch.

Employing this forward-looking strategy, DMS continues new product development solely and by way of joint research projects and contractual joint ventures with companies throughout the world.  Several innovative blood typing products utilizing various techniques are currently under development.  These additional products will enable veterinarians to choose the test they use based on the methodology they prefer.

Now available, RapidVet®-H GEL Feline, a sole development of DMS, is a blood typing product based on gel tube technology similar to that used in our crossmatch tests. One of the newest joint venture products, RapidVet®-H IC Feline, is a typing system which utilizes immuno-chromatographic (lateral flow) techniques.

Another joint venture product, currently available only outside North America, is the QuickVet®/RapidVet®DEA 1.1 system. This is the first automated blood typing system.

Our in-office dermatology testing products are RapidVet®-D Companion Animal, RapidVet®-D Equine and RapidVet®-M.

Subsequent opportunities in related veterinary areas were identified and addressed with services provided by affiliated entities. Products in these areas have not yet become in-office tests, but such developments take time.  In the meantime, we offer testing services through Bioproducts DVM, a business conducted under the umbrella company RapidVet Holdings, Inc. Recognizing the need for rapid results, in dermatology we offer allergy testing services for dogs, cats and horses, an area where rapid turnaround time and fresh thinking were, and continue to be, needed.

We are still a relatively small company with production in Tempe, Arizona and administrative offices in Flemington, New Jersey.  The RapidVet® products intended for ‘in-office’ use are available in more than 40 countries around the world.